One isn’t born a strong woman. One starts out a little girl with a heavy weight on her shoulders. Grown up with a vision to make a change. Gladly some women go into politics, science, or go on to become sources of energy and music just like sarajane. 

Sarajane is back with her second studio album "Fuel" and gives us the soundtrack to get over heart-break, stress at work or simply a Monday morning. Energy levels rise, suddenly you're on the way to the gym, or finally booking that road-trip. Powerful songs, modern beats and amazing vocals. Sarajane is pure empowerment. She helps you get up, straighten that crown and move on. 

All her losses and hardships she turned into her own personal super-hero training. She is, as are you a super-hero in the making. 

Born into the 80s of a German Mother and English-Scottish Father sarajane is the eldest sibling in a big family, she grew up on the country side living in the role of Big Soul Sister. Living in on the country side as a patchwork-immigrant family before patchwork was even a term, fitting became a challenge. But Destiny’s Child’s Survivor and India Aries’s album acoustic soul instilled strength in that lost teen-ager.

With every dance move in the living-room confidence grew. 

After School she moved to Hamburg to study Music.
Now sarajane is a maker and a shaker in the German music industry in her own right. Her hard work, efforts and investments in promoting live music mean she has had the pleasure and honour of hosting and performing with the best of the best in the Hamburg club scene! Mission accomplished? Nope.
She founded her own Label McNificent Music and has now self-released her second album.
Recorded in established studios in Hamburg e.g. Boogie Park and Hafenklang, her sound is somewhere between the edge of Rihanna and the depth and femininity of Adele. Her vocals are so versatile, powerful but her song „Guess Who’s back“ offers a glimpse into profoundness of her spirit.
FUEL is produced on piont. It’s a modern pop record. On the way to her signature sound moved unconventionally. Recording the piano for „On Top“ with her phone using finger snaps as a beat on „Diamonds & Pearls“ and letting her drummer create their very own drum samples. Then going on to record „Get up 10“ oldschool all in one room. Her songs, her sound international, her message as strong as her songwriting. 


The Album "Fuel" was released on May 17 2019 on McNificent Music distributed by Believe Digital / Soulfood and is being promoted toured nation wide. 


sarajane bio
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