#STEP ONE 2015
#STEP ONE 2015


Who is sarajane?

“I am the queen of my life and I alone carry the responsibility for the State of my Queendom”


A big statement from the self made, self crowned queen of high energy soul! But who is sarajane?

An 80s child

Born into the 80s of a German Mother and EnglishScottish Father sarajane is the eldest sibling in a big family, she grew up in the role of Big Soul Sister. Her first professional musical experience was in her early teen years recording demos and backing vocals in a local studio in Braunschweig. This was when she first heard India Iries “Acoustic Soul” - an epiphany which gave her the “strength courage and wisdom” to pursue a musical path. 

A professional 

A graduate of The Hamburg School of Music, the first class education and tutelage she received from the big names in the German music industry set the tone for her further adventures in the music scene. She is a regular backing singer in the band of the platinum selling artist Ina Müller, performing in multiple sell out stadium tours and a regular performer on the hit TV show “Inas Nacht”.  

A maker & shaker

Not born to be in the background sarajane is a maker and a shaker in the German music industry in her own right. sarajane’s hard work, efforts and investments in promoting live music mean she has had the pleasure and honour of hosting and performing with the best of the best in the Hamburg club scene! Artists include: Johannes Oerding, Flo Mega, Rolf Stahlhofen (Söhne Mannheims), Ina Müller, Gregor Meyle, Reggie Worthy (Tina Turner) Stefan Gwildis. Royalty!

Ms McNificent Music 

#StepOne is her first full length live studio album: a small budget, big production with a big sound! The whole album was conceived written, managed and produced by sarajane herself! Not to be daunted by the lack of recording contract she founded her own label, McNificent Music, to make her vision a reality! 


From a small club right up to a stadium sarajane always brings a mighty presence and a powerful voice onto the stage! sarajane knows how to rock the crowd and the energy of her own soaring vocals combined with angelic backing harmonies, and a big hitting band inspire everyone to LetGo and dance on a FridayNight! Yet in the eye of the storm it is the poignant contrast of her beautiful ballads such as For you, Carousel and Okay which offer a glimpse into the depths of this sensitive openhearted and loving artist.

Majestic experience

sarajane has the majesty and quiet confident air of someone who works hard at her Art and has earned her dues alongside well known and respected artists.Yet to hit the high notes of her career the range and and power of her voice and the intensity of her performances will continue to grow and develop as she continues to step forth on the world stage: sarajane is set to break the glass ceiling and take it to the maximum.

Sounds Like...

The sarajane sound is unique, incomparable – she is someone who defies description. An established artist herself she has been the subject of innumerable glowing interviews and reviews in the German press where she's been likened and compared to well known artists such as Adele, Emily Sandé, Janelle Monae, Lianne Le Havas, Pink & JessyJ. The only way to know her is to experience her perform live!

A Conquering Queen of Love

Like the river of her home town easily, effortlessly, eternally running to the sea it seems though sarajane was born to be the Queen of her own high energy domain: where everyone is included on the journey to the center of the vibe and the means of transport is her voice, her music, her power. Long may she reign!



So who is sarajane?

Whoever she is watch out world because sarahjane is on a journey, moving on up with her mission to inspire everyone to live life with love and positivity and to take it to the maximum! 


# Step One 

VÖ: 13.03.2015
Label: McNificent Music Vertrieb: Believe Digital 

01. #Moving Up
02. #Flying
03. #Will you be there 

04. #Okay
05. #It don't matter
06. #Carousel
07. #Wake up call
08. #For you
09. #Too beautiful
10. #What would you say 

11. #Let go
12. #Friday night
13. #Maximum 



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